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It is said:One with God is majority. Voice of the people is the Voice of God. Voice of the Silent Majority is the voice of the people. Build A Nation (B.A.N) Initiative is the Voice of the Silent Majority of Nigerians.


B.A.N is a God-centered advocacy group and change agent. It comprises of men and women who CARE and have been called to action to redeem and work for a new Nigeria of our dream. B.A.N is not affiliated to any political party neither is it a religious group. It is implacably committed to the survival and preservation of the Nigerian state. We are roundly nationalistic and celebrate our exceptionalism. We are a non-profit organization.  


Nigeria is a land of immense wealth in both human and material resources. A land flowing with milk and honey – enough for all our needs but not our greed.A blessed nation by all standards.Yet, why is it that we are so rich, yet so poor?Our national crest is an eagle atop two stallions – Vision and Strength.Where is the Vision? Where is the Strength? God created Nigeria, Lord Luggard revealed its geographical boundaries. Nigerians are a special people with a divine connection and a mission to lead. Nigeria is the trigger to release God’s blessings to Africa in particular and people of African descent in general.Tilt the map of Africa sideways and it takes the shape of a gun. Nigeria is located at the point of the trigger which supports a divine revelation and ordained assignment.  

The lamentation of the poor, misuse of resources, insecurity and deviation from God’s plan for Nigeria had provoked Him to anger and action to once again manifest His power in the affairs of this country. As in the past, God has again activated His secret army of agents in our midst called THE SLEEPERS, through whom, He has released His power to save Nigeria and keep it as an indivisible entity. The SLEEPERS are already activated as evidenced by the successful containment of the recent ebola attack on the country.Many more of such miracles shall be witnessed as the country passes through these perilous times.  

Most Nigerians are dissatisfied with the state of the country arising from economic, social, political and security problems. The injury is mostly self-inflicted by a greedy and selfish leadership class, who are unable to mobilize the people to achieve our divine potential and destiny. Consequently, the people demand, as a first step in a process of reconciliation, unreserved apology from our leaders: past and present, military and civilian for their failure to provide effective leadership and stewardship to Nigeria and Nigerians thus far. The apology is symbolic of the supremacy of the people over its leaders; which is the essence of democracy.It will restore confidence and trust between the people and their leaders and make it easier for leaders to mobilize the people for the challenges ahead.  

Members of the Build A Nation, B.A.N Initiative are distinguished by their fierce pride and loyalty to the country and their readiness to sacrifice for the cause of a united Nigeria where though tongues and tribes may differ, but in brotherhood we stand.Fellow Nigerians, let us seize the moment; and if you are a SLEEPER (but now activated into action) show yourself by identifying with this noble and nationalistic cause. B.A.N is the voice of the Silent Majority and the voice of God that has been activated as a SLEEPER.  


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