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There is a fundamental and widening gap between the reality of our nation and the dreams of our founding fathers. The dire need for change cannot be overemphasized. From North to South, East to West, the clamor for change resonates amongst men and women who desire to be change agents and rebuild a new Nigerian nation. These men and women constitute the silent majority waiting to be activated.

Build a Nation initiative is inspired to reveal the truth which is self-evident that Nigeria is not a geographical mistake. We are a people created, prepared and destined to be the catalyst that will ignite change in Africa and the world at large and it is time to respond to our calling.

  • We will seek to articulate a Social Contract between the people and government which will reflect the minimum expectation of the people from its government at any given time.
  •  We will constantly promote nationalistic values with the aim of encouraging ourselves to be the best in whatever we do.  Our crest is an eagle atop two stallions - vision and strength. Nigerians are eagles!

The daily cries of Nigerians under the yoke of poverty and suffering in the midst of plenty have resonated and received a response from God our creator. Nigeria is a land flowing with milk and honey. Enough for our needs but not our greed.

Who says we the silent majority must stand by and do nothing in the face of elements robbing us of our rights and privileges? SLEEPERS have been embedded in the country to carry out God’s will and lead us to our destiny.

Are you a SLEEPER?

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