Our Vision


Our Vision is a great and prosperous Nigerian power that will enable Africa take its rightful place in the assembly of nations and be globally recognized for its Vision, Love and Compassion for her people and humanity in general.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to remain a God-centered change agent in a transformational process that will ensure the manifestation of God’s promises to Nigeria and Africa. This will involve not only the survival of Nigeria as one entity but more importantly, the emergence of a new country founded on LOVE, COMPASSION, EQUITY AND JUSTICE as the building blocks.


Our Objectives


  • Engage in grassroots mobilization for the promotion and development of the democratic values and practices as the fundamental cornerstone for the building of a new Nigerian state of our dream.  Grassroots mobilization will center on voter education ‘power of the ballot’.


  • Promote accountability in governance, leadership and citizenship rights.


  • To articulate a Social Contract between the people and government which will reflect the minimum expectations of the people from its government at any given time.



  • Constant promotion of nationalistic values with the aim of encouraging ourselves to be the best in whatever we do. Our crest is an eagle atop two stallions, vision and strength.  Nigerians are eagles! God bless Nigeria!!!

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